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We are a boutique investment holding company with growing presence in Asia.

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Core Principles - Accountability
Core Principles - Transparency
Core Principles - Resourceful
Core Principles

Who We Are

From Information Technology (IT) implementation to IT Consultation. From IT Consultation to Business Consultation.
From Business Consultation to branching out into Asian Countries. And thereafter,
our first business investment in BioCelles Traditional Medicine is realised. And subsequently,
We have invested in businesses of Children + Young Adult Training, Seminars + Talks + Workshops, and
Energy + Oil + Fuel. And later, follow by investments in Properties (land + houses),
Cultural Events + Festivities, Waterproofing + Construction, Plantations and Food + Beverages...
... and We never look back since then....


Celles future and beyond

From ERP software and IT implementation company to an investment company.

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill
"Change is inevitable, it's what you do with it that made a difference." - CaeHiew

In our early days, we are an ERP software and Information Communication Technology (ICT) implementation company. And within more than a decade, with the magnitude of internet, technology and economic revolution and changes; we have transformed ourselves into an investment company. Our investment portfolio is in the following 4 key segments:

  • Funding and Investment.
  • Feeding and Healthcare.
  • Festivity, Entertainment and IT (ICT + IoT).
  • Forum, Consultation and Training.

Since 1996, we are involved in programming, customisation of software and MRP + ERP implementation. With sudden explosive growth of Internet Technology during Y2K computer crisis, we have adapted and made adjustment to our business model to embrace the inevitable change. We have managed to steer our company into a new segment of consultation for ICT and Businesses at the start of new millennium. Since then, in year 2004, we have already branched out from Malaysia into Singapore and then in year 2005, into Indonesia. And subsequently, into Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

In 2006, our company has again comtemplated on organisation future's direction and realigned our business model to meet the evolving internet technology and economic trends. We have restructured and transformed our core business model into an investment holding company. Our first investment is a traditional medicine and herbal healthcare company called BioCelles. About a year later, we have simultaneously invested in children and youth enrichment outdoor training called Clesic Institute (was previously known as EntreLifeCamp), as well as an Energy, Oil + Fuel trading and processing company called Welnergy (which is then coverted to handle our Consultation business segment in year 2012).

Since 2007, we have also had private investment in property (land and houses); events, arts, cultural and festivities; herbal drinks and delicious locavore's delights; agronomics (food and herbs plantation + fertilizer); as well as investment in waterproofing + waterplugging and construction businesses. Throughout the years, with our change-conscious corporate behaviour, we have been expanding leaps and bounds; conquering challenges one after another... to inspire and create a simple, healthier and efficient future.

What We Do

what we do 驷力国际对联

Funding and Investment

Since 2006, when we started our first investment, we have accumulated more than a decade of experience in funding and bridging the capital gap needed for small businesses to excel, either lack of capital, resources, skills, network and/or discipline to push through to next level of growth.
On top of businesses + partnership, this segment consist of our other interest, such as investment and funding of properties (land + building), arts + collections and equities, stocks + shares.

Farming, Feeding and Healthcare

It's afterall, your body and your health that's really matters. Our investment interest in this segment is Agronomics (food, fruits + herbs plantation, organic fertilizer etc.) and natural healthcare + traditional remedies to ensure a healthier and happier you. As a saying goes, "A healthy body is your utmost important capital for revolution on your life, family, businesses and successes!"
Our natural healthcare encompasses: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Phytotherapy + Holistic Health, Complementary + Alternative Healing, Indigenous Herbal Remedy and Ancient Eastern's Therapy.

Festivity, Entertainment and ICT

Since 2007, with a plan in mind to create a Festival City in all the states of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We have purchased (and some are tendered) each domain name of all the states of Malaysia and Singapore. As well as domain name of the provinces of Indonesia.
We came to realise that Festivity, Event and Entertainment relied heavily in social media and social networking, which is part of ICT. Thus, Internet and ICT are included in Festivity segment. And it plays an important role to intensify the joy and fun of the festivities + events. Our Festivities interest is in culinary, cultural, arts, musical, performance and talents. For our IT interest, we focus in online economy, such as utilising digital and internet for the betterment of your living (iOt) and software + programming, such as ERP system, WebSystem, internet marketing and sales tools etc to empower your business. We are also in the midst of forming a team to create animations and videos.

Forum, Consultation and Training

"In Africa there is a concept known as 'UBUNTU' - the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others." - Nelson Mandela
Sharing knowledge and experiences back to the society is important to propel any nation and further accelerate the growth and bonding of all mandkind, which is of a similar fate and destiny in the world. This segment is mostly about sharing, such as our successful children and young adult weekends + holidays' camps and outdoor workshops (Clesic Institute (was known as EntreLifeCamp)) Where we impart and armed them with knowledge and skills on value, money, life and creativity. We also participate in forums, talks and seminars to share our experiences and knowledge, as well as to give motivation and inspiration speeches. And of course, business consultation as well, this is our forte.

Investment Types

Listed below are three main investment types which we worked with for any companies. There are also other investment methods and types where we specifically formulated for that particular businesses. These are not fixed investment methods, since we knew that each and every businesses is different and is determined by their unique nature and business culture. We are flexible when it comes to ways and methods of investment.

Corporate and Business Consultation

Investment Type : Corporate and Business Consultation

In this model of funding and investment, we won't be involving in your company and business operation. We don't own your shares. We only give you a plan and business solutions.

Often times, any businesses may reach a stage of stagnant growth. And possibly, facing tough challenges brought by sudden influx of disruptive technologies, new competitors or internal corporate affairs (this happened for most family businesses).

What determine the company continuous progression in the future is how this company reacted to these disruptions and challenges. And what the company do to resolve + overcome them within the allowable budget and resources. With years of experience, we can lend a helping hand. Consult with us today. * Remember, we started as a small company and facing the same in the past too.

Business Catalyst Partnership

Investment Type : Business Catalyst Partnership

There isn't any charges or fee in this investment model. We don't own your shares. We basically earned an agreeable percentage of commission up to an agreeable duration when certain criterias are met. Below are some examples of how we do it :

Improved Profit or Revenue : When businesses using our methods and strategies have achieved a certain growth under pre-determined criterias, we will earn a certain percentage of agreeable business catalyst fee.

Establishing New Income Stream : For certain businesses, when any unanticipated disruptions or new challenges happened, the existing business income may become a liability or may be threatened and depleting over time. This is where we will come in and thoroughly study your business and devise new income streams. We will charge an agreeable percentage of fee over a period of time when pre-determined criterias are met.

Managing Certain Division or Tasks : When your company facing an internal corporate politics, which caused a certain division or business entity to obstruct or hinder from its normal operation; we can assist to devise solutions to minimise the impact on the company in shortest possible time. We also help family businesses to restructure professionally and assist to improve its competencies, in compliancy preparation for the next phase of future growth or preparation for private equity funding or public listing. We also handle tasks like creating broader public awareness or enhancing product's reputation and/or good impression of the company. The charges are based on the complication of tasks and may be amortised.

Private Equity Funding

Investment Type : Private Equity Funding

This model of investment will have us holding a certain percentage of stake in your company. We only invest in matured small businesses that have identified opportunities for growth but need an investment in capital to assist them get there. We may or may not involve in your daily business operation. A pre-agreed terms and conditions will be layout in a legal binding agreement as an exit strategy for us.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognised the needs of small business owner which is challenged by insufficient resources such as skills, time and capital. We will bridge these gaps and assist businesses to achieve their full potential and grow their businesses. There are multitude of aspects and conditions for us to examine in this Investment Type (or Investment Model). Amongst them are as follows :

Short Term Stakeholder : a normal 5-year term (or more) as a stakeholder in our invested company and with a pre-agreed exit plan. We will be involving passively or actively in the invested company's daily, weekly or monthly business routine; whenever it deemed necessary. There are chances that we would increase our capital investment and may or may not expand our stakeholding with additional investment capital. An existing network and resources of our sister companies are within reached and accessible for collaboration.

Merger and Acquisition : we will hold a certain percentage of initial stake in the invested company. And there are two common methods for this aspect of private equity funding. Firstly, prior to the process of merger and acquisition, we will determine certain criterias for the conformity of the small businesses to be merged or acquired by us. Secondly, we will prepare this invested company over a period of time, to be merged or acquired by a third party company.

Public Listing : we will acquire a certain pre-agreed stake in the company (in any circumstances, we only interested in Series A round of funding). We will lay down a plan with agreement to exit our position in the company on maturity. There could be terms and conditions in the agreement to allow for a Series B funding via internal or external sources. And we may solicit for another Series C round of funding before public listing of the company. The company will be restructured to meet public listing compliancy.

Act Now for Enquiry

If you are an already established small business owner of at least 3 years in business operation but with no proper business foundation and have insufficient capital to grow the company into its next phase of growth, you can click on the "Act Now" button to contact us with your enquiry.

Or if your business (or you know someone else businesses) has identified new opportunities for further growth but you are experiencing shortages of capital, resources and/or expertise... you can immediately click on the "Act Now" button to contact us for a discussion.

Why Us?

Most business owners tied down by day-to-day running of their companies, we will assist to make them focus on building up their businesses to prosper and achieve next altitude of sustainable and measureable growth. We don't work with all businesses, we only champion businesses that's of our core competencies. Our tenets:


In collaboration with clients to produce results, we exhibit a business atmosphere of responsibility and taking ownership of one's actions. We deeply believe that when the attitude is right, where each and everyone is honestly accountable for their actions; tasks would be accomplished effortlessly.


Openness, honest, clear, informative and limpid communication; couple with perfect understanding of client's issues are our core principles. These ethics will ensure higher morale and cooperation between client's employees with our company. Transparency has assisted us to make better decisions.


We leverage and share talents, networks and resources internally and externally in each and every projects we handle. With our extensive experience in those specific fields of our business competencies that we have amassed; we have substantial resources at our immediate utilisation... in almost all aspects of client's businesses.


In fast-paced modern businesses of this new technological, internet and digital era; pliability is a must in decision making and business actions. Receptive, creative, innovative and productive new ideas, actions and solutions can only happen when flexibility form the integral part of focus for any of our tasked projects.

Our Brands and Partners

We only worked with and partnered with companies where their management team and stakeholders exude great personal principles and characters and their company are with superb core values. These companies and their people are what we will grow together towards a successful future. Resources are shared amongst all our partnered companies. Below are our partners and brands we have created and nurtured:

CaeHiew.com : Get Up! Get It Done!!

Our Businesses

These are some of the companies and businesses which we owned 100% or which we have partnered.


Manage byMalaysia

Celles International Sdn Bhd

  • Managed "i" of Indonesia Domains
  • iMoments: Digital Interaction, Quality Living and Lifestyle Enhancement
  • Domain and Web Hosting
  • Online Social Media and Social Marketing
  • Online Courses and Learning Portal
  • Online Motivation, Counseling and Support Group
  • Internet Business Enabling and Enhancement: Applications, Software Systems and WebSystem (iWebSys, iSociety, Online ERP system etc.)
  • Software, Programming, ICT, Internet Enhanced Automation and Industrial Internet (German Industrie 4.0 / Made-in-China 2025). Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Holistic CPS
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Manage bySingapore

Celles Pte Ltd

  • Professional Development and Enhancement
  • Seminars, Trainings and Workshops
  • Talks, Knowledge + Experiences Dissemination
  • Conferences, Conventions and Roadshows
  • Business Networking
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see any of your questions below, please contact us for clarification of your doubts.

  • You will basically understand and uncovered our competencies based on the description in "Who We Are", "What We Do" and "Our Businesses" sections of this website. If you still unsure, please feel free to contact us for enquiry.

  • Celles avoids investing high cyclical and capital-intensive businesses, this is to minimize and mitigate risks. Businesses that are heavily in debt and having complicated tripartite issues will have less chances for us to partner as well. These businesses will burden our balance sheet and give pressure to our fund for further growth stimulation and at the same time exert pressure on our other partnerships and investments as well. We invest in businesses with minimum of 12% cash flow margin EBITDA. Since we are just a small capital investment firm, Celles invests in businesses that need an investment size of SGD165k or less. These businesses need to have 3 ~ 5 years growth expectation of at least 1.8 ~ 3 times or more. The geographical location of these businesses must be from country in Asia, preferably Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, China and Singapore.

  • We target businesses of Social + Information Services, Software and Internet related, Business + Financial Services, Agronomics, Healthcare Services, Distribution, Niche Manufacturing, Scaleable and Technology-enabled businesses. Celles don't target businesses that are capital intensive, cyclical + trendy business nature, complicated + confusing and retail businesses.

  • (i) Management team stalled and failed to see company’s true potential and there’s opportunity for a leveraged buyout
    (ii) Partners and/or Shareholders don’t share vision of the company’s future
    (iii) Business need additional capital to employ competent team to scale the business to new height
    (iv) Business cash flow is restrained and limited, requiring fresh capital as growth investments
    (v) Business is on the verge of expansion, but required qualified talent and additional capital to make it happen

  • Your business need to be ready and start initiating a business culture of accountability and transparency. And a framework of financial and reporting procedures need to be established. You may also need to mentally and emotionally be prepared to give up pride, ego and board control temporarily during certain phase of the progress. You may also need to be mentally prepared to hire a new team of cohesive employees and talents.

  • With Celles integrity, down-to-earth and approachable attitude, we have successfully assist business owners to limit or eliminate bank borrowings and avoided them to commit on risky personal guarantees. We have also helped business owner in achieving their desire goals and soar to higher heights. Business owners are having more quality time to plan for a sustainable business future and growth.

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"We all know that knowledge and experiences are gained by taking courageous initiative to reach out and ask." - CaeHiew


A boutique investment company and consultation firm based in Singapore. With presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. Our key investment interest and competency are : traditional medicine; food and plantation; cultural, music and art; environmentally friendly energy and fuel; skills, development and enhancement training + workshop; construction and renovation; and software + animation.


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